Marketing and the strategies of Strategy

Marketing and the strategies of Strategy

“Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is and saw Virtue in her shape how lovely.”
John Milton (Paradise Lost)

Shocked? Surprised? Such statement requests a degree of introspection that leads to expect a fair demand, from anyone that agrees to spend any given time to reading this (mine) following words…  That their (yours) time spent is fruitful in a fair extent. And that is Marketing!

Sorry for the bluntness! No need from my part to try and define the concept… that has been covered either academically, scientifically or market wise. Instead I would like to offer you a humble feeling on how marketing can be elevated from a “simple” business department to a core management unit (or line of thought for an organization).

Marketing is often essentially been assumed as operational and felt as a necessary hart burn of sales. That makes it easy for management departments in terms of measuring the cost/effect effort for an organization, but hides the real effectiveness of an actual plan… Actually it makes the whole planning, execution and measuring parts of the process useless as economic data is compared directly with chance. Chance that your “game” is better (at a given time) than your competition’s, chance that you have better appealed to the public, chance that you’re keeping three of your five Key-accounts (please try and adequate this to your own business reality… well if you really feel compelled to)!

So what, if you can get hold of your fate? What if you can actually plan, make useful estimates and make sense of any kind of performance reports?

Evolving Marketing to a strategic level is not groundbreaking… Since I’m still expecting your demanding attention I’ll be candid; Several “big-dogs” like Apple, FiFa, Vodafone, Red Bull, etc., have managed to bring their planning game to a whole new level. What is really groundbreaking is to understand what is, what was and what is to come, as a whole.

To make some sense from that premise I’ll suggest straight forward that we never have before… well not strategically, anyways! Your average local traditional market store runs their business on a monthly basis… a petrol station “probably” plans six months in advance! Apple runs their business with plans for the expected lifetime of humanity, which is really a fiscal year or the given amount of time needed to make a profit.

So no harm done really, if you’re already part of one of the successful exceptions in business (bear in mind, one out of thousands)… If you’re not then please take some time to plan, execute, measure, correct, measure again and be successful. Make money and don’t be greedy. Well, at least try and be humbly greedy. Remember that as you needed a strategic space to be born and grow, you’ll need a strategic space to survive.

Incorporate marketing and sales planning to your management principles. This will give your business a positive market advantage. You’ll be able to make some convincing sense of your business and plan what to sell, for what price, to whatever amount of costumers, before you get yourself in debt either with financial entities, suppliers or your mom and dad!

And now for the end game: Strategically I’ve given you a structured text consisting of a catch sentence, a sensible approach to a relatable theme, some questionable tips & hints and a controversial proposition on how to address marketing as management tool.

It doesn’t matter if you (my good and patient acquaintance, “the reader”) feel good, bad, indifferent or even unconscious about this! What it matters is that you feel… And that was, is and will be Marketing.

Thank You for your attention.

Strategically!… I’ll get back on this soon.


David Mahamad


Marketing and Stategy

Sobre Marcelo Lamosa

Digital Marketing and Strategy. Master Degree in Marketing and Sales Management, Marketing/Marketing Management. B.A. Archeology - Human Disciplines (Archeology and Anthropology). Non Profit Voluntary - IPO-Porto.
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